Bronté Bakes

The baddest cookie bars in L.A. Handcrafted by Bronté, with sugar and spice and everything nice

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Bronté Bars and Bites

Our bars are bold, complex and bursting with unrestrained flavors. If you are going to go, why not go all the way? The end result is a taste experience that will leave you feeling indulged and ever so satisfied. Our Bites have all the delicious decadence but in a smaller package.

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“You’re insane, so good, thank you!”

Nicole Isaacs @nicoleisaacs

"I just ate ALL of mine in 60 seconds, so cute, tastes amazing!” “I just died, these are insane, omg"

Gabi Symon @officialsymon

"It was divine, it was bomb, it was all SO good!” “Can't wait to order more again!"

Marciela @chocomari12

"Cheat day is everyday with BronteBakes!"

Lionel Ruff @lionelruff

"The best of the best… such amazing bars and amazing person!” “Whenever in LA, stop and pick up some amazing bars from BronteBakes!”

Niko Sanela @sanelaa.__

"Soo good! My favorite is the Oreo Confetti."

Lexy Stubbs @lexy_stubbs

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